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Fishers Island Oyster Farm is a marine-based family farm and oyster hatchery operating from Fishers Island, NY, a small island located in Block Island Sound off the coasts of eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Steve and Sarah Malinowski have been growing and selling Fishers Island Oysters directly to chefs and consumers for over 30 years, offering absolute freshness, premium quality, and personalized service.  Fishers Island Oyster Farm employs a unique combination of suspension culture methods, featuring buoy-lined pearl nets and lantern nets in the nursery and final grow out sites. 

The Malinowskis built Fishers Island Oyster Farm for a personal purpose: they envisioned having their lives and livelihood be about working with nature, preserving family values, and giving back to others. In addition to oyster farming, they are also committed to supporting programs that help facilitate environmental education and ecosystem stewardship such as the Billion Oyster Project, Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, and the H.L. Ferguson Museum land trust. 

Last updated: Mar 2015

Steve Malinowski - steve@fishersislandoysters.com
Sarah Malinowski - sarah@fishersislandoysters.com


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