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Fishers Island Oyster Farm has been in operation for 37 years. Fully integrated from hatchery to final growout, we sell oysters to restaurants and seed of various sizes to other oyster farmers. We have a variety of nursery systems and use environmentally friendly, labor intensive long line suspension culture techniques for both our seed production and final growout. Fishers Island Oyster Farm is currently looking to hire both summer help and permanent, full time employees.

• Prior aquaculture experience is preferred but not required

• Enthusiastic, upbeat positive attitude required

• Ability to lift 50lbs. required

• Prior boat handling experience is preferred but not required

• Ability to interact positively and cooperatively with a large diverse crew is required

• A sincere interest in aquaculture/shellfish culture required

Starting pay is commensurate with experience.

Benefits for full time employees include Insurance and Profit Sharing Plan.

Interested individuals please send resume to steve@fishersislandoysters.com

Here's what we mean by "farm without harm"

Here's what we mean by "farm without harm"

All oyster farms are a net positive to the environment, because of all the water they filter, but we take real pride in the fact that we also have zero impact on the communities on the bottom.