As one of the original artisanal oysters of New York, Fishers Island Oysters stand for excellence. Our hand-raised, ocean-grown oysters are as refreshingly delicious as they are beautiful to behold. 

Fishers Island Oyster Flavor Profile

Fishers Island Oysters can be reliably described as a brilliantly bold, Atlantic oyster that is punctuated by focused savoriness and a strikingly clean finish.  Depending on seasonal conditions you'll experience subtle fluctuations in every oyster that you taste, which means that the "merroir" is unique to the moment.  Throughout the year, Fishers Island Oysters will oscillate between having slightly rocky and earthy undertones to more poignant berry and mossy notes. The texture is pleasantly firm and springy, and the size and shape are designed for half shell consumption. 


On your first slurp, you'll immediately taste the bright brininess from the oyster liquor. Our oysters are grown in an area where the water salinity is about 30-32 ppt (full ocean salinity averages 35 ppt) and this vibrant seawater makes Fishers Island Oysters a quintessential ocean-grown product.


The zesty savoriness of a Fishers Island Oyster is locked within its smooth, delicate meat.  Give it a few chews and explore the focused flavor progression and silky mouthfeel.  Look for hints of earthiness and minerality, as well as mossy and berry notes. Enjoy and repeat. 


Thanks to the active waterflow of West Harbor and our unique suspension culture method,  Fishers Island Oysters possess a crisp, even sparkling taste and clean finish. They are best enjoyed chilled over ice and with a drop or two of lemon. No palate cleansers needed.


We are highly selective about how our oysters look inside and out. Fishers Island Oysters have an iconic teardrop shape, ombre ivory-to-sable colored shells, dark and defined mantles, and intricate fluting along the cupside.  Each year, we refine the  appearance through our selective spawning program. 


Fishers Island Oysters are routinely tumbled to produce a deep cup and overall sturdy shell.  Having this helps retain more oyster liquor and meat, which results in a great slurping experience every time.  The top shell is flat, making our oysters a breeze to open for busy pros and also for beginners. 


We grow out our oysters for at least two years, and hand-sort them for the perfect size and weight. Our market-size oyster is 3-3.5 inches long and feels substantial in your hand. Occasionally, we also offer Petites that are between 2.5-3 inches. 

What the Tastemakers Say

The award for best oysters of the fall so far goes to Fishers Island...strikingly clean finish.
— Rowan Jacobsen, A Geography of Oysters
When Steve’s oysters are in season, I always take them, no question. They’re perfect, they’re sweet, pure, pristine. They’re beautiful.
— Mike Lomonaco, Porter House
Everything else is a novelty; this IS the Northeast oyster.
— Mario Macciono, Le Cirque

Quality Assurance Program

We take great care to ensure that every box of Fishers Island Oysters arrives to our customers at their very best. Our unique Quality Assurance Program minimizes out-of-the-water time and includes a weekly microbiological testing by an accredited USDA laboratory.