Where can I find Fishers Island Oysters?

We sell direct to a number of restaurants across the country. Please check out our Find Our Oysters page for a list of our primary clients.

We also ship direct to consumers. To place an order, email Sarah with what you need. We currently only ship our standard 100ct oyster boxes, so start planning that oyster party! 

How quickly can I get your oysters?

We harvest on-demand and ship our oysters the same day, for next day delivery. We only harvest on Monday through Wednesday, and spend the rest of week taking care of other needs on the farm. In order to manage our harvest quantities properly, we need to know at least two days prior to when you need the delivery. Below is a chart that we hope will help give you a better sense of what to expect.

Do you offer farm tours?

Fishers Island is a beautiful island, and although we would love to share our farm with everyone that we know, our operation isn't designed to facilitate tours for the public.

However, we can accommodate special visits by chefs, restaurateurs, writers, filmmakers, students, and non-profit organizations, given proper advance notice. If you're interested, please email Sarah with what you have in mind. 

I want to start an oyster farm. Can you help?

We sell oyster seed ranging in size from 1mm to 50mm to several Northeast oyster growers. To place an order, you can either fill out the form on the Oyster Seed page or contact Steve directly via steve@fishersislandoysters.com or call (860) 705-0024.

We have over 30 years of experience growing oysters and would be happy to offer our technical or scientific expertise. Although every site is unique, and what has worked for us may not always work for others, there are some best practices that can be and should be shared across the industry. 

Where can I buy Save the Earth, Eat Farmed Oysters stickers?

We don't sell these stickers, but you are more than welcome to create your own using this file. We recommend StickerMule to print great stickers.

Do you ship abroad?

At this time, we do not ship Fishers Island Oysters outside of the US. If you are interested in importing our product to your country, please contact us with your idea! 



Still have a question? Ask!

We will do our best to answer your questions about our farm and oysters. For all media inquiries, please directly email Sarah.

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