Here's what we mean by "farm without harm"

Fishers Island — The right way to eat an oyster, says Steve Malinowski, is raw, without hot sauce, lemon juice or any other embellishment to mask its special flavor. 

“You should never put anything on an oyster, because every oyster tastes different based on the water it’s grown in,” Malinowski said one day late last month, as he addressed a group of 18 students from the Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program.
And the best time to eat a raw oyster, he adds, is in the winter, when the shellfish are rich in a substance that gives them a sweet taste.

As owner with his wife, Sarah, of the Fishers Island Oyster Farm for 35 years, Malinowski is a man who clearly qualifies as an expert on all facets of the life, marketing and consumption of this shellfish.

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