Rebranding Fishers Island Oyster Farm

The oyster industry has experienced an incredible evolution during the past few years, let alone over the last few decades. When we first began selling Fishers Island Oysters during the 90s, few were doing what we're doing.  Today, oyster production and demand are happily on the rise.  As seasoned oyster growers and long-time advocates of environmental stewardship, we felt like it was time to re-establish presence in this evolving landscape.

So thirty four years, six grown kids, and three logos later, we couldn't be more thrilled to announce the launch of our new Fishers Island Oyster Farm brand identity and website! 

In addition to our new logo, conservation emblem, and loads of beautiful photography, we look forward to providing useful knowledge and insights to chefs, oyster connoisseurs, and fellow growers through our blog, social media, and newsletter.